Village of Cedar Grove



Fire Suppression

The Cedar Grove Fire Department provides the community with Fire Suppression Services. For all village calls, Command 93 first responds. Engine 95 is our attack engine, and engine 91 is our supply engine. Engine/tender 92 acts as a back up or another supply engine. Squad 94 also responds to all fires and carries our breathing air system and all of our firefighter rehab equipment. For rural firefighting, 92 along with 90 & 89 serve as tenders and supply the engines with water using portable drop tanks.


Vehicle Extrication

The Cedar Grove Fire Department provides the community with Vehicle Extrication Services. Command 93 first responds to all car accidents. Unit "801" then responds with First Responders. Engine 95 then responds and this truck carries a majority of our "Phoenix" extrication tools. Squad 94 also responds and supplies us with support equipment. Oostburg or Random Lake Ambulance would also respond as the transport units.


Technical Rescue

The Cedar Grove Fire Department provides the community with Technical Rescue Services. Our department trains and works very closely with the City of Sheboygan Falls, and the Town of Sheboygan Falls to provide this service. Our department trains on a monthly basis with these departments. Technical services include water & ice rescue, angle rescue, elevated rescue and basic trench and confined space rescue. Squad 94 carries our Technical Rescue equipment. In the event of a call, our department would request mutual aid with the Town & City of Falls.



The Cedar Grove Rescue Squad provides the community with EMS services. Unit "801" responds to all medical calls, car accidents and with the fire department to provide basic EMS services. The Cedar Grove Rescue Squad is a First Responder service and utilizes Oostburg & Random Lake Ambulances for our transport services.

Fire Prevention

The Cedar Grove Fire Department supports the community with Fire Prevention Services. The fire department actively takes part in Fire Prevention Week in conjunction with the Cedar Grove-Belgium Elementary School. The department works in conjunction with the Cedar Grove-Belgium High School with a "Teenage Tragedy" program prior to prom and graduation. The department hosts an annual Open House during Fire Prevention Week. The department holds a bi-annual Saturday Open House in Spring which has various demonstrations. The department also partakes in the annual Holland Festival by running the main food stand, which allows us to upgrade some of our equipment.



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